Sunday, July 12, 2015

A few of my favorite things

I'm truly trying to make this little blog bonafide and useful; more than just a place to park my thoughts and pictures. 

So, there's this blogger, Blue Cereal Education, and this blogger has issued a challenge. Blog content. Simple as that. 

I'll start with parking more pictures and include my thoughts. Ha!

I'll get better at this.

5th grade Writing

The objective of the this lesson, "Snowmen at Night" was for the students to create a character that would fit with the story. They had to write a 3-5 paragraph creative narrative and include artwork. They used a story organizer and a rubric.

Students were tasked with creating a descriptive paragraph describing a chocolate kiss. They had to include as many sensory details as possible. We used an organizer and spent a lot of time discussing before writing. 

6th Grade Writing

Every Fall we wrote paragraphs with a fall or Halloween theme. They peer edited their work and then we built the pumpkin patch together. 

6th graders loved "Love That Dog" and we covered so many standards with the study of that book. Our lessons focused on figurative language and writing poetry. When they wrote the poetry above, I had them focus on telling a big story with very few words. They wrote in the style of William Carlos Williams and of course we studied some of his work. 

The Snowman lesson, and the Kiss lesson were both very successful and furthered the content we were working on in 5th grade. I'll definitely use them again this year. 

I'm not sure I'll use the other two lessons. The pumpkin patch is fun, but really time intensive and we could use our time better. I don't have the "Love that Dog" books anymore, so I won't be teaching it. 

Monday, June 29, 2015


It amazes me, still, that people outside of education still believe we teach for the summers off, the 8-3 workday, the "fun" of it, and the easy money.


Summers off are the only reason I teach!

Ummm... said no teacher ever.

So, really, why do I teach?

I teach because I get to see immediate results of my effort. There is nothing better than that "Aha" moment on a student's face. NOTHING! One year, when I taught 6th grade self-contained, I was teaching the order of operations. This wasn't easy for some of my kids to grasp and one was having a tough time. We went over again, piece by piece, in whole group one morning. This kid suddenly bolted from his seat and said, "I get it! I get it!" He was so excited he turned to his classmates an d told them, "It's like a puzzle!" Best. Aha. Moment. Ever!

I teach because I have a passion for writing and I know how to make it fun and interesting for children. Everyone has a story and I love guiding my students through that process of finding that story, developing it, and sharing it. 

I teach because young people inspire me to be better, do better, work harder, and love deeper. Teaching has changed me into a better person. Plain and simple...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Well, hello there!

It has been forever!!! So sorry.

Veteran's Day Art

"Snowmen at Night" art tie-in

Descriptive Writing

Life caught up with me. 

Yes, that IS Donte Foster from the Minnesota Vikings. He comes home on his off time and subs at the little school district where he went to school. How awesome is that?!

Fifth grade is HARD!

Testing Relief - Really, 5th grade testing is ridiculous!

"Wonder" Art tie-in

I've changed districts.

Love you Hanna!

Now you're all caught up and I can start this puppy up again.

I loved this group!

See you soon!