Thursday, May 29, 2014

Missing "Home" and a Poem

It's been just 48 hours since I shut the door to my classroom and officially checked out for the summer. I've been back once (To get some information for a student for next year's high school PreAp English class.)

I miss it already...

For some strange reason my classroom has always felt like an extension of myself. I feel like a little piece of my soul resides there and I'm not quite complete when I'm away. Is that a bad thing?

It might be...

Maybe it just means I put so much of "me" into that space and the teaching that goes on in there, that some of that energy remains. I'm not implying that I cannot enjoy summer, oh I can! I just miss my classroom, students, and colleagues over these weeks, months of separation.

Even though I'm "done" for the year, I'm working on the fall out over the 8th grade writing tests. I cannot go into details, but it wasn't pretty and my district is not alone.

I wrote quite a few poems during testing this year. Here's what I wrote during the writing test:

War of Words
I am watching, trying so very hard
   not to glance at the words flowing
      from the pencils of these 14 year old
        warriors, whose weapons are lead-tipped,
           orange-yellow, tipped with a bubble
              gum pink bullet.
Emily furiously places her soldiers,
   organizes them into rows, sentences,
     squads, units, and paragraphs.
I’ve taught her how to battle –
   I hope she wins this war of words.
Oh, how I want to know if Baylee remembers
       how to write a thesis statement!
Will Kegan remember transitions?
Will Parker punctuate and
Rebecca revise?
I’m used to taking their words to my
   heart and breathing in their language.
But these words are not for me today
      and I am jealous.
I hope the generals are pleased.

Joan Hagy
February 26, 2014