Saturday, April 12, 2014

Testing Madness

Well, it's April again. Time to cram, close the library, cheer on the kids and cheer up each other. *sigh*

For hours our kids test, and for hours we teachers do nothing but watch them test. We're not supposed to do anything but monitor. 

During one test last year I got to the point I could not do nothing for one minute longer. So, I wrote a poem. The next day I wrote another. This year I'll continue with my rebellious ways and write more. 

I've decided I will post them here. What better place?

From last year:

Testing Madness
(Thank you Robert Frost)
By Joan Hagy
Allie plays with her hair
  Separating the strands
   As she reads
Twists and pulls
 Brow furrowed
  Eyes never leaving
   The monitor.

Daniel yawns
Paul fidgets
Is Athena asleep?

I scan
I scan
I scan

Austin, who is pure energy
  Every. Single. Day.
    Cannot keep still.

Back-to-back in the
 Crowded lab-
  Personal space is
Bubbles have burst.

Mouse dance
Mouse song
The hum of computers
A cough
A sniffle, a deep breath
A sigh, a crack of a knuckle.

Show us what you know.
Show us we’re not wasting our time.

In my classroom
 Your eyes are bright
  Your words come quickly
Your pencils are instruments of
   mass construction, creation,

But in here-
 With the hums, the yawns,
   The pulled hair and
     The dancing mice-
In here-
  Tested beyond oblivion
In here, you wither.

But wait-
 Remember – remember we
   Have miles to go – remember?
We have time to construct, create,
  And imagine.

Are you ready?
You come too.

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Heidi Castro said...

Ugh. Testing! I just bought out WM of all their healthy-ish snacks for Em's class. Pretty sure I'll be delivering happy hour sonic drinks this afternoon! Teachers, you ROCK! Poem away, my friend, poem away! (ps - I can just picture the classroom in last year's poem! Love it!)