Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why I won't sit down and speak with Oklahoma State Superintendent Barresi

The campaign for re-election has begun and our state superintendent is visiting our school on Thursday. She's meeting with my team for 45 minutes, but I won't be there. I will be on my way to the Oklahoma Fall Art Institute with no regrets. 

When I found out that my team would meet with her, I thought I'd go ahead and delay my trip by a few hours and see if she could explain a few things to us regarding the pathetic accountability methods she had instituted. I felt she had some explaining to do and I might as well be there. 

Of course, my colleagues and I have been discussing and wondering what to ask her. We're told the questions would basically be screened and she doesn't have to answer what she chooses not to address. Hmmm....

Today I decided it wasn't worth my time. Today I was reminded that we might just be a campaign prop... "See how much Janet Barresi cares about the teachers." Today I thought about how much she loves vouchers, charter schools, and testing, testing, testing. Nope, not worth my time. 

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