Saturday, August 18, 2012

First day ....done!

Yesterday was the first of 175 days with this new crop of 7th graders. After the last two years, three really, they were a breath of fresh air. Oh, they were sweet, and lost, and silly, and scared, and I immediately began that fall I do, that falling in love. I adore that feeling.

My PreAP class has 35 students, I have 27 desks shoved into "the cave", and I had been dreading that class for days. When they arrived 2nd hour, they were so great about finding their seats and the eight that had to sit on the flood were amazing and did not complain once. I had to take them on the school tour and they were so good! I'm supposed to weed out 8-10 of them, but I don't want to, I want to keep them all. They were my favorite class!

My fourth hour class might be interesting. Fifteen minutes in to the hour they had to be reminded about following directions, on the first day!!

Sixth hour is a larger class too and dominated by a motor mouth who could not, would not turn off. He tested everyone on the team, but I think I like him. ;)

This wonderful beginning was clouded by just one thing. My friend, fellow blogger, Jason Zimmerman died a week ago. He was an incredible teacher and selfless friend. I only knew him through blogging, but he helped me a lot. He encouraged me and even sent me zip files of music when he found out I loved playing music videos in my classroom. I'll be thinking about him a lot this year.