Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picking up the pieces...

I posted this morning on my other blog.

Notes from Oklahoma: Picking up the pieces...: "The clock in my classroom stopped at 5:32 p.m. I worked all day in the dim light cast through my open windows. Outside I could hear chain sa..."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A sudden ending to a long year...

I did not know yesterday would my last day with these kids. I had today off; burning up that last personal day. Yesterday I was glad I would not be at school today because the weather folks were throwing around words like "Major tornado outbreak", "long track, damaging tornadoes", etc... I hoped the weather would wait until I knew all my kids were home. It did. But then all hell broke loose. 

We spent time in our storm cellar, but the tornado tracked west and north of us. We emerged unscathed. Not so for my school. 

This tree was planted in memory of a student. It sits outside the 6th grade wing.

We have several portables that are used for the band students.

Softball field used by the high school. Those are bleachers slammed up against the fence.

Band portable moved off its foundation.

Leaves forced into the siding.

This portable ended up in the middle of the parking lot.

Behind our school is the bus barn and behind that is the high school. Next to the bus barn, which is to the left, was the high school weight room. It used to be where all those people are standing.
I can't show you the roof damage that my assistant principal said is right over my room. I did not get pictures of all the downed trees. 

School is done now. Staff and faculty report tomorrow, but the kids are done. Our entire district is shut down.  I should be glad, but I keep thinking "But I wasn't done!"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

They deserved it...

As challenging as some of our students are this year, we have a real solid group of great kids. Our team decided a field trip was necessary and off we went to the movies and the pool!

They sang "The wheels on the bus..." all the way there.

I love this little theater! This is the third year I have taken my class and the staff never fails to amaze me. They are so organized and so sweet to the kids.
The giant "mushroom" sprinkler at the pool is always a popular spot.

The boy had a soft cast and could not swim. The girls just wanted to flirt.

Noodle on the slide!

They provided all kinds of balls and floaties.    

We have about 130 kids on our team. We took about 95 of them on the trip in two groups. The 35 kids that did not go all received some type of disciplinary write up between April 28th and May 10th. 

I am so glad we went. I am so glad we got to see these awesome kids in another setting.