Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Through their eyes...

Last year, I received a grant for a couple of digital cameras to use in the classroom. My English students have been taking pictures around the school and using them as writing prompts.  

I'm impressed with their work. The boy who took this picture wrote about the lack of good, clean water in other countries and how we take it for granted. He has been labeled with a disability and supposedly has behavior issues.

I downloaded hundreds of pictures, printed dozens of copy sheets, and went through a lot of ink printing out their final selections.

I have taped their finished work up in the hall for all to see and admire. At any given time I will see a student, another teacher, a district administrator, a janitor, reading the writings and scanning the photos.

They are so proud of their work.

They exceeded my expectations.

 The doors to creativity, imagination, the world, have been opened to them. All because I brought a couple of cheap Kodak digital cameras into the classroom.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Go ahead and yack all you want!

This thing, along with a lot of patience, trust-building, and time, has turned my homeroom class around. Over the past few weeks, my kids have learned to monitor their noise level and they are earning points for a pizza party. I still have several that are in trouble all the time, in ISS or home on suspension, but it is because they won't behave for their other teachers. In my class they are fine. I have not written up a kid in weeks! Feels good. We are getting things done and we are starting to have fun.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


*I'm afraid to say this out loud*

My class has been manageable, even, dare I say it?....Good? Oh, my... I know I've jinxed it!