Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall Wrap up

I made it to Christmas break! There were many days I did not think I could do it one more hour. But I did. Now, I have two weeks to regroup, recharge, and relax. 

Because of the unusual challenges I have in my homeroom class, I have little time to shoot pictures. With that group I have not one minute of down time. Thankfully my English classes are better and we get a lot done, plus I get time to gather papers and actually enjoy just being with those students. 

Mrs. Social Studies bravely took on a really cool project during the kids' early civ unit. She had them make bricks at home and then they ran the bricks through a weight and water test. Cool project!

My English kids put my two digital cameras to good use. They were allowed to go out around the school and shoot pictures. I posted about it here. 

My homeroom kids broke the cameras.

Every year the kids create a door display for Red Ribbon week, our anti-drug campaign. My kids won again this year. They surprised me!

I November I took five of my English students to the Oklahoma Writing Project conference. We attended workshops and...

 ...ate at the coolest college cafeteria!

Yesterday we wrapped up the year with a pizza lunch and our holiday party. Our classmates, who are in band, played some of their carols for us.

I realize I am approaching burnout and my goal these two weeks is to turn that around. A teacher in burnout cannot be effective and even though these kids are tough, they deserve much more than a burnt out teacher will give them. 


Teachinfourth said...

These types of things are the stuff that good teachers are made out of! Sorry about the broken cameras…so not cool.

Cheeseboy said...

I'm with Teachinfourth. Amazing stuff. It is so fun to see what good teachers are doing out there. Doesn't feel so isolating.

Sorry to hear about your broken cameras. I think the same thing would happen if I gave them to my first graders. Maybe they would actually last longer than yours did?? That would be an interesting experiment.

Intense Guy said...

Happy Holidays!!!

What make and model cameras were they? Maybe Santa will bring a couple new ones.

Joan said...

Iggy, they were just little Kodak Easy Share digital cameras. I'm still fussing with them, but haven't had any success getting them to work again. I got a grant for them last year, but I might try again.

MrsKP said...

What a great post! You have such great ideas and dedication!

Kelly L said...

I love reading your posts - because you love your kids.. yes, they wear you out.. but you love them...
Great pictures..
Love to you and Merry Christmas
I've Become My Mother

Okie Book Woman said...

Joan, I hope you get lots of rest during the break. You work so hard and you're obviously a fine teacher. Merry Christmas!

Tara said...

What a collection of inspiring activity! Happy New Year!