Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chess Club

My club is huge this year! I have 45 signed up and for the first three weeks I had anywhere from 35-38 show up. I don't have enough boards!

I had to split the club into two groups; one meets during lunch and the other after school. I think the numbers will drop eventually and I will move all the students to after school. 

I think this year is the last year I will do this as a volunteer. I will request a stipend and a budget next year.


Whosyergurl said...

Chess was something that my dad always felt was essential to success in life. I know how to play, but am not great.

A good friend of mine has RA. If you are working out at all, sounds as if you are doing well. I've been on this road with her dealing with it for a long time.
I think they say to stay as active as possible. Sounds like you are!
Hoosier hugs to you, Cheryl

Intense Guy said...

Want some more Chess boards?


They can be very expensive. I think when I was in High School there were only about 20 of us (me included) in the club where each school year class had over 850 students in them - so there were nearly 2500 students that could have joined...

I was never any good at it - but enjoyed playing anyone my own level.

Cheeseboy said...

Cool of you to do. I'm surprised that many kids are interested in chess.