Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week...

This week...

1. I have called parents about their kids' behavior issues 12 times.

2. I have written 5 discipline forms.

3. I have had two students go to ISS (in school suspension).

4. We had a bomb threat and the police came.

5. Both boy's bathrooms were shut down because of vandalism.

6. One boy told me that telling another boy "I'm going to kick your cross-eyed a$$" was acceptable behavior.

7. Helped chase down a student who was melting down, called mom (one of those 12 calls), and glory be, she came and got him.

8. A student of mine who was in ISS, threw desks and made threats to the ISS teacher, was returned to my classroom. I was not told about the incident until after the kid was removed from the school because of behavior today.

9. It is only Wednesday...

10. I still cannot use my Smart-Slate.

11. **added later***  Forgot ~ all this with temps in the 90's and spotty AC. Yippy!

But, there is a bright side ~ today was fried chicken Wednesday in the cafeteria. So, it's all good.


Mrs. H said...

I miss those 6th grade behaviors.
So far this week I've
1. Had a kid pee on himself
2. Had a boy throw himself over his desk and bawl for no reason...twice
3. wiped a snotty nose
4. been told I look like various disney characters
5. asked if the movie Cars was real
6. been told there were 50 continents
7. had about 20 eight year olds nuzzle my boobs with their heads while giving me hugs.

I would have liked to see that chase!

liz said...

WOW! That is one heck of a week. I hope you have something nice planned this weekend. My week has been pretty good since my kid who brought a knife to school went to another (special) school. Hang in there, it can only get better.

Jessica S. said...

Wow!! You brave, brave teacher!
I had one kid pee himself, one kid break a girls necklace and one kid bite another - 2nd grade. Yours are more challenging than mine!

Intense Guy said...

I dont see where you taught ... and they learned something...


Elaine said...

Oh dear - what a week, and you wrote that when it was only Wednesday. I hope it got better after that!