Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear IT

I loved today's Smart Slate training. Lacey, the rep and trainer, was sweet and very good at her job. She did redirect me a few times when I got ahead of her training, but those cool marker pens that drew stars and flowers were awesome!

I was thrilled that as soon as I walked into the training you placed a Smart Slate in my hot little hands and it even had my name on it. You even assured us that the software was loaded at our site and we were good to go as soon as we got back. 

So, IT, I'm wondering if your definition of software is different from mine. I know I am a lowly teacher, but I thought software might actually mean we could use this freaking awesome toy. And that part about it being loaded at out site, well, maybe I misunderstood that too. There is nothing on my computer that supports this new technology. 

Bubble ~ burst...


Back to the chalk board in room 608


ali said...

what a let down. :( but hopefully you can use them soon. i'm in a class where we will be learning smart board soon (wonder if they are the same thing)

anyway, still enjoying your blog. what a motivator as i keep plugging away at school! :)

Ninny said...

I would have been crushed. What's the use of dangling cool technology in front of poor teachers and then yanking it back? I retired from teaching first grade two years ago and the hardest thing about retirement was giving up my Promethean Board (like a smart board.) And then I heard that all my teacher friends got Macbooks to use in their classrooms, too, and I was instantly jealous. Now if I could just rationalize using a Promethean at home...


Joan said...

Keep working it Ali. =)

Liz ~ all day I felt like I had been given a sporty, sleek convertible, but no keys. =(

Teachinfourth said...

Dare I say it?

Lame Sauce!

Cheeseboy said...

We lowly teachers never get the service we deserve.

I am jealous of your new toy. Nice.

Intense Guy said...

Wow. That really boggles the mind! Those slate things aren't cheap - you'd think they would have handed ya a CD.

I hope you got it working (by) now. If so, how's the "virtual whiteboarding"?