Monday, July 19, 2010

I am running out of summer!

This really is my last full week of summer vacation. Next week I am going to work three days (paid) on data and meet with the 6th grade teachers so we can work out the details of our new departmentalized grade. 

The offices open the 4th and since I am moving my room this year, I will probably be working most days until the 16th, our official back-to-work day. 

Where did summer go? What did I do?

I went to the farmers' market most Saturdays.

Noodle had her 11th birthday and we had a pool party.

I watched my gardens grow.

I swam ~ a lot!

I spent a long weekend in New Mexico.

I went ( or took kids or pets) to five doctor appointments, two ultrasound/scan appointments, three blood draws, five dental appointments, and two vet appointments. 

I think I will soak up summer this week. Since we have a week of seriously hot weather, you will find me that chair, that pool. I hope you are enjoying your summer!


Intense Guy said...

That pool looks sooooo durn beautiful!!! and its complete with a Corgi life guard too!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your oh-to-short summer!

School Daz said...

Ugh I'm wondering that myself right now too. I feel like it's only halfway over, but I sit back and wonder, "Where did that half go?" I wish you good luck on thee new school year... that dog is gorgeous by the way ;)

Teachinfourth said...

I am back to school after one more week as well…I am excited to start teaching again, but it does get stressful for those 9 or so months. Hope your transition back to 'the real world' goes smoothly.