Friday, April 9, 2010

Who are you people?!

Since we have returned from Spring Break, I barely recognize my critters. I cannot take all the credit, but I returned three weeks ago determined to raise expectations and I have. I have challenged my kids to be better than they have ever been and they have wowed me. 

They turn in all their work. They listen better, participate better, laugh more, and have been gathering compliments from other teachers like nobody's business. I have not written a discipline slip in three weeks. I wonder who has my real class? I like these guys, and I plan on keeping them. 

Last week I had them trace their bodies and recreate themselves on paper. We hung them around the room, hand in hand, to symbolize their new unity.

It looked sort of like a crime scene for awhile.

After three wonderful weeks, it was time for a real reward. Yesterday I took them to the donut shop down the road. It was fun and they were playful and silly and we had a really good time. 


Cheeseboy said...

That is a great idea. Funny how it seems the more your students are laughing, the more productive they seem to be. That picture is awesome.

teachin' said...

That's an awesome situation to be in. Mostly my kids are doing great...a select few, might be a long last two months. :)

Intense Guy said...

That was a really cool thing to do!! Your students are lucky to have you (and even more so because you "get" SpongeBob!!)

Theresa Milstein said...

Awesome! You must be doing something right because this is usually when spring fever kicks in. I'm sure they loved the reward.

Okie Book Woman said...

This is such good news. Your hard work is paying off. I hope you have a great time during the last couple of months of school.

Your picture of your class makes me miss my former students. I don't have enough kids in my life these days.