Monday, January 4, 2010

Two steps forward...

And one step back.

I'm not surprised this class lost some ground over the two week break. I don't mean academically, but in their behavior. We have spent so much time building community and getting procedures down pat.

For the first hour or so they were sleepy and quiet. I was too! Then they perked up, got chatty, lost control and forgot where they were. I reigned them in and things got better. Gosh, they are exhausting! Despite some bobbles and wobbles today, it was good and I was glad to see them.


Kathy said...

I e-mailed both of my sons and my DIL this morning to tell them welcome back and to see how they were doing. One of them was already counting the days until spring break! :)

Cathryn said...

I start next week. The difference for me is that I'm on the college level. I won't have that bobble-wobbly time until Spring Break--then I'll be in the same boat!

Welcome back to the New Year!

Joan said...

Oh yes, Kathy, I am counting the days too!

Cathryn ~ College level? I'll stick with 6th grade. I need to know I know more than they do. ;)