Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow days

Over the weekend the weather guys started talking about a really big storm. As the week unfolded I was pretty sure we would not have school on Thursday and possible Friday too. Sure enough, no school. We are covered in ice and snow and, thankfully, the power has remained on. I have a bag stuffed full of papers to grade. Haven't touched it.

I am enjoying this time at home, this unexpected (sort of) down time.

I will jump back in on Monday and we will adjust our schedules and lesson plans and it will all work out. I won't stress about what I cannot control. Instead, I'm baking bread and making soup.


Madeleine said...

Baking bread, making soup, catching up on your email or blog: these are what snow days are really intended for. :)

Theresa Milstein said...

We haven't had one snow day in Cambridge, MA yet. In fact, we just had some warm days, so almost all of what we had has melted. And then other places are getting inundated. I hope you won't have to teach too many more days at the end of the year.

bun2bon said...

Sounds like snow days aren't so bad after all.

That corgi :) said...

soup and bread sound like a great way to spend a Snow Day!


Kelly L said...

We had our first "real" weather in So. Cal last week with rain and a tornado - my kids were in lock down... crazy -
Your snow is beautiful.. enjoy and soup sounds good.
love to you

Joan said...

Madeleine ~ thanks for visiting. Two snow days and a weekend? I'm getting spoiled.

Theresa ~ We have some snow days built in. I cannot MA has not a snow day yet!

Betty ~ the soup was amazing!

Kelly ~ I cannot believe the crazy weather CA has had. I hope it calms down for you for awhile.

Cathryn said...

We had a snow day as well--The Powers That Be declared the university closed at 3PM on Thursday! That meant I didn't have the opportunity to teach via computer since the techie guys were all safe and warm in their beds.

I made homemade chicken and noodles--including the homemade noodles! Yay! They were delicious! And I'll get back to my paper grading tomorrow! I promise!