Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday's and Friday's Art

Yesterday we worked on star books, taught to us by a wonderful gal from the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee. Inside the books we put info cards about ancient Egypt. I'm not sure I can teach my 6th graders these complicated books, but I can adapt it. I plan to use it for our Greece of Rome unit.

Today we worked with sculpy and then we made some hides made of paper. Our morning class was taught by The Philbrook Museum and I need to get to Tulsa and visit that place. This afternoon our teacher was from the Oklahoma Museum of Art and we painted and made pseudo glass bowls. I'm tired! This is more art than I've done in a long time and I love it!

This afternoon I got out and took some photos.

The colors here are brilliant.

This guy was quite far away but entertaining to watch.

The art here at the lodge is amazing. These a few examples. But the art is everywhere ~ even in the bathrooms!


Cathryn said...

WOW! What fun! Your pictures are inspiring! I wanna be one of your students! :D

Kathy said...

How awesome is all of that for you and for your kids!

That corgi :) said...

loved the pictures of the area you are visiting; sooo pretty! all those art projects look/sound wonderful! I bet you'll find a great way to incorporate all you're learning for your own students


Hannah said...

I wanna go!

Miss you! =^^=

Joan said...

Hannah, you can audition for the summer institute.

Anonymous said...
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Christie said...

Your photos look absolutely beautiful and those projects look like SO MUCH FUN!!