Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson lives, grapes on a playground, and Vampires!

I had playground duty on Friday and took my camera out with me. I love some of the moments I captured. Sixth graders are still just kids after all.

Mr. Googly eyes! This kid is great! He's one of my chess club members.

This one is mine. He is so handsome, even when he isn't Michael Jackson. He is the sweetest boy and so polite, good work ethic, and a mom who makes sure her son is doing what is supposed to be doing.

My little bumble bee.

I cannot imagine being in this costume all day. I'm just glad she wasn't in my classroom!

I'm not sure what this child was supposed to be, but she looked awesome!

My own daughter wore her witch costume to school and she said she had one of the best outfits.

Noodle's entire 5th grade class opted out of Halloween and did a World Series theme instead. She had to wear baseball get up and they had hotdogs. Cute idea, but I think it sucked that my little one did not get a Halloween party or get to wear her costume to school.


Christie said...

That is so fun that you the kids got to wear their costumes! Our district is anti-holidays so we NEVER get to do anything holiday related. Then unfortunately I found out a few weeks ago that even Brayden's preschool is's so sad!

Anonymous said...
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That corgi :) said...

interesting about your daughter's class opting out of Halloween and doing World Series theme instead. all cute pictures!


Cathryn said...

Too much fun! You should have them visit my house (LOL) because I could have gotten rid of another bag of candy.

Joan said...

I edited the post a bit. Anonymous' comment was deleted because "point taken" and I like to keep things more positive.

Sarah Ebner said...

These pictures are so gorgeous and the children look as if they are having so much fun.
All your pictures are great - I especially understand the reason you needed a lake view!