Monday, November 30, 2009

She's gone...

I have had many students leave in the middle of the year and I'm usually a little sad, but I rearrange desks, rearrange small groups, and move on. But this time, this one that has moved has left me feeling incredibly sad. I wrote about her here and called her "Precious". She had been absent Monday and Tuesday. She did not show up today and I usually call home on the third day. Before I got that chance, I got the withdrawal paper in my box. I sighed...

We were making headway. She was caught up on work and the quality was improving. She did a wonderful presentation for her country report.

I tried to call mom, the mom who yelled at me over the phone, but got no answer. I worry Precious isn't in a good place. But really, I have no idea... She was mine and I miss her.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Still here... Despite a near death experience

Sorry for the long break. I have been so busy I decided to stay away awhile lest I forget my true priorities.

My Art weekend was wonderful and I have integrated some of what I learned in the classroom. I wish there was time for more but meeting are eating up so darn much time and when we aren't in meetings we are assessing. At least it seems that way.

On Monday I got a taste of Professional Development h*ll. Oh. My. Gawd! I read a lot of teacher blogs and I have read many stories about PD h*ll, but I had never been there. Now, I admit, PD still sucks most of the time, but I always seemed to come away with something. Not this time. Nothing. Zip. Can I count a sore butt?

Late in the afternoon, I decided to take another diversionary trip to the restroom while I was supposed to be working with my group, making up a song about diversity. Yes, I said MAKING UP A SONG! As I walked to the restroom, I passed another group and they were singing "We are the teachers, we are the world" and I thought to myself oh please, just kill me now. When I returned to my group, I alerted them to the fact that they were now officially on suicide watch.

Six hours... I will never get those hours back and they were truly, 100 percent, wasted.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday's and Friday's Art

Yesterday we worked on star books, taught to us by a wonderful gal from the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee. Inside the books we put info cards about ancient Egypt. I'm not sure I can teach my 6th graders these complicated books, but I can adapt it. I plan to use it for our Greece of Rome unit.

Today we worked with sculpy and then we made some hides made of paper. Our morning class was taught by The Philbrook Museum and I need to get to Tulsa and visit that place. This afternoon our teacher was from the Oklahoma Museum of Art and we painted and made pseudo glass bowls. I'm tired! This is more art than I've done in a long time and I love it!

This afternoon I got out and took some photos.

The colors here are brilliant.

This guy was quite far away but entertaining to watch.

The art here at the lodge is amazing. These a few examples. But the art is everywhere ~ even in the bathrooms!

The lake at dawn

When I checked in yesterday I did not have a lake view room. I asked if one came available, could I be moved. They graciously accommodated me and this is one of the reasons why I need a lake view.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Integration or four days of paradise

Last year I attended Oklahoma's Fall Arts Institute at Quarts Mountain. Not only were the workshops incredibly fun and valuable, the place is a little piece of Oklahoma paradise.

I learned a ton and vowed to return every year. Oklahoma public school teachers get a full scholarship to the Institute too.

I'll be blogging from paradise for the next few days. Stay tuned!

Monday, November 2, 2009

IT ~ is that you?

For some reason I can read my blogs, comment, and post.

You have no idea what this means to me!

Look for more from room 610, live as it happens! Ha!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Jackson lives, grapes on a playground, and Vampires!

I had playground duty on Friday and took my camera out with me. I love some of the moments I captured. Sixth graders are still just kids after all.

Mr. Googly eyes! This kid is great! He's one of my chess club members.

This one is mine. He is so handsome, even when he isn't Michael Jackson. He is the sweetest boy and so polite, good work ethic, and a mom who makes sure her son is doing what is supposed to be doing.

My little bumble bee.

I cannot imagine being in this costume all day. I'm just glad she wasn't in my classroom!

I'm not sure what this child was supposed to be, but she looked awesome!

My own daughter wore her witch costume to school and she said she had one of the best outfits.

Noodle's entire 5th grade class opted out of Halloween and did a World Series theme instead. She had to wear baseball get up and they had hotdogs. Cute idea, but I think it sucked that my little one did not get a Halloween party or get to wear her costume to school.