Saturday, October 17, 2009

The fast track

Joanne Jacobs posted an article about alternative certification on her blog. I went that route so I'm not a typical teacher. I'm not even a typical alternatively certified teacher. Most teachers who are alternatively certified are professionals in a career who choose later in life to share their expertise by teaching, most at the high school level. I worked a lot of different jobs before I got into teaching. I was a stay at home mom for many years. I was even in the Army. Hardly a professional, more like a jack-of-a-few-trades.

I wrote on my other blog a little bit about the process I went through. I think it makes me a better teacher. Not better than the other teachers. Just better than if I had strictly went the education route in college.

Oklahoma doesn't allow alternatively certified teachers to certify in elementary education anymore. I got in just in time. Currently I am certified in Elementary Ed 1-8, Journalism 6-12, and English 5-8. I'm testing next month to bump that English certification up to 12th grade. I love 6th grade, but I am beginning to feel I want to specialize. I'm weak in some areas, and have no passion in others. My students deserve a teacher with passion.

Now on to some pictures.

Chess Club starts Monday. I started it last year for the kids who like to play chess. We only compete among ourselves and do not travel. But it is fun and they love it.

We have finished our unit on Egypt and now shift to science for a few weeks. I hate not having the time to teach both subjects.

Their pumpkin poems turned out really cute. It was a simple assignment. The poem had to rhyme and be at least four lines. I cannot believe how many kids agonized over this assignment and how many just whipped it out!

One last thing... We now have to wear name tags at our school. I hate it. I understand why, but I still don't like it. So, I decided to put my whistle and keys on a lanyard and attach the name tag to that. I got the coolest lanyard from LanyardLady. She makes awesome stuff.


a corgi said...

chess club sounds like a good outlet for kids who like to play the game and might not have anyone at home who does; and its such a great game for strategic thinking

most of schools my kids have attended lately the teachers wore a pictured ID; I definitely think these days its a good safety precaution :)

enjoy the weekend


Kathy said...

That's so funny...when you said you had to wear a name tag...I was going to tell you to check out Lanyard Lady...and then I saw you did! Awesome stuff!

Great points on teaching.

Joan said...

Kathy ~ I think I found Lanyard Lady through your blog. =)

LightTeacher said...

I always have a hard time leaving Ancient Egypt for other topics. The kids love this unit, as well as I. We will spend some time mummifying oranges this week, then must move on. Boo! I feel the same as you about certification- I can definitely feel my strengths and weaknesses in each subject. I wish you the best with your goals. Thank you for posting about the LanyardLady- we have to wear ID tags as well and I wear mine around my neck, but have been looking for something a bit more stylish. Thanks.

j4luck said...

Thank you for sharing some of your background, it's very interesting to hear how you came into teaching.

drlobojo said...

Even Moses had trouble leaving ancient Egypt behind. Don't worry about the name tag, pretty soon we will have our little IF chip and we won't have to bother with name tags.

Sorry to hear that the SDE has pulled back on alternative certification, but elementry is much more about pedagogy than subject matter so that make sense to some degree.