Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


a corgi said...

all I know is when they started the no child left behind, the teachers had more meetings and more subs in their classrooms


Hannah said...

I remember you telling me about that. The republicans made it up to help children to get caught up in reading in math or something, but they're leaving behind the children who are already ahead (Is that right?)

I like Wordless Wednesday, 'cause you don't have to right a thing for a picture is worth a thousand words.


Joan said...

Betty ~ it also means more one on one time for struggling kids, and that is good, but my on level and advanced kids are the ones that get left behind.

Hannah ~ your first usage of "right" is correct, the second is not.

Yes, NCLB, just switched the groups of kids being left behind. *sigh*

Hannah said...

Hey! It's not like I can edit it!


drlobojo said...

No Child Left a Dime.
Fund it or stop it.

Joan said...

I'm for stopping it. I am so busy assessing I feel I have no time to teach the stuff I am assessing them on. I know, it's a preposition.