Monday, September 7, 2009

Wall Displays

I love displaying my kids' work or their projects for all to see. I always have something on the walls outside our classroom. Above is the display I made for the Marshmallow Project.

Last winter my kids wrote poetry about snow and this was our wall display. I added their poems as snowflakes. I wish I would have taken a final picture.

We studied "Love that Dog" to kick off our figurative language unit and they wrote their own poems in the style of "Love that Boy/Dog" and this is how we shared the work.

Every Fall they write a scary story and we create a pumpkin patch to put the stories in. This takes some work, but they love it!


Christie said...

LOVE all your displays! The pumpkin patch is so cute! Your students must have the best time in your class! You always add that extra touch to really get them engaged.

a corgi said...

very creative you are on how to display your students' work. at our church, there is also a school they run. we go to Bible study classes Wednesday nights and use the classrooms; I always love looking at what the kids are learning and how well they do their work; I bet others enjoy seeing your displays too :)


j4luck said...

I love your wall displays, they are so creative. I love the tissue paper snow mounds on the snowflake poem background!

Joan said...

Thanks you gals!

I think my kids work harder when they know their work will be displayed for all to see. Then, when they see it out in the hall, I see how proud they are. I watch them tough their work, show their friends, stand in front of it when we are lined up for gym. Sadly I have some kids who have never been told how wonderful they are. It's not a big thing, but when their work is on display then they are somebody.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I love when my kids teachers are creative like this - you are amazing! Love it.