Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open House and an "I got it!" moment

Last night was open house at our school. I like these things, though there's little time to do it like I want. I like seeing my kids more relaxed, showing mom and dad around, showing off their work. The parents are relaxed and chatty. I enjoy getting to know my kids better and being able to really connect with their families.

During yesterday's math lesson I got one of those moments that makes everything I do worth it. I was teaching the Order of Operations and going over and over how I wanted them to rewrite the expression each time they solved an operation. Little "smiley" sits up front and just about every time they held up their white boards with their answers hid answer would be incorrect. But we kept going, over and over. Suddenly smiley said "Mrs. H, I get it! It's just like solving a puzzle!" Every answer after that was correct, today he rocked the review. He told me math is now his favorite subject. I'm inspired now to do better at teaching math, I have to keep smiley engaged, make him keep loving math.


a corgi said...

good for him for not giving up and persevering through! I looked at the Order of Operations, and I remember learning it and going over it with my kids, but so glad there are calculators these days (just kidding; I still enjoy doing long division on paper)

good teaching!!!

open houses are enjoyable times; I sometimes like those better than back to school night when the kids get older and you follow their schedule and the teachers have 5 minutes to tell what the kids are learning that year and you don't have a chance to talk with the teacher other than to introduce yourself and then move on to the next class


Joan said...

Betty ~ I love doing long division too and fractions. I introduced them to algebra today, mainly variables. I eased them into it. I remember it not making any sense to me and after 6th grade I hated math. Not until I started teaching it did I begin to like it and even love parts of it.