Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I take it back...

My last post, the one about my students melding, etc...

Never mind.

They returned from the weekend ill-behaved, rude and out of control.

It's usually March or April before I find it necessary to give my "come-to-Jesus" speech.

I gave it today.

Is it Friday yet?


Christie said...

Oh no...I'm sorry it's been a rough last couple of days. Sounds like it's time for a personal day to me. =) I'm taking this Friday off to go to Canton's First Monday Trade days..its sort of like a big flea market/craft show. I've never been before so I'm looking forward to it.

a corgi said...

seems like it is going to be a LONG year for you


Lyndsey said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, the Cinderella period is over so soon?

Mike said...

Isn't it just amazing how a weekend can change angels into demons? My week was exhausting too. Think it's something in the air...changes in the rotational axis of the earth...the earthquake in Indonesia?

Treat yourself to a well deserved weekend.

Teacher Food

Kelly's Ideas said...

It's funny what a weekend can do..