Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What we will be reading

Sixth grade in my small town is part of the Upper Elementary and not middle school. We are pretty much trapped into a rigid reading curriculum but there is still wiggle room if you work it right and I can slide in some novel studies.
The first story we will study is one of my childhood favorites. It is a fast read but is meaty enough to really get some good discussions going.
I've never read this book so I am trying to finish it up before school begins. I look forward to teaching from it.
Probably one of my favorite books to teach as a novel study. I usually wait until the second half of the year because of some mature issues. I have found sixth graders can tackle the subject matter and their views always delight and surprise me.


Christie said...

I love your lil reading corner. I remember Summer of the Swans from when I was in 5th grade...Great book!

a corgi said...

sounds like you picked some good books for reading/discussions. My daughter enjoyed the Giver; I think she read it in 7th grade though