Saturday, August 29, 2009

Technology and science

I'm not going to post about technology and science going together or something, though I could. I'm going to write about them separately.

First ~ Technology. I read a blog titled "What it's like on the inside". If you click the link it will take you to her entry on technology. She knows how we teachers feel about technology in our classrooms. Many of us are getting more and more upgrades in hardware, but so often our hands are tied when we actually want to use it. So we fight IT (and we know it's a losing battle) or we go commit acts that are nearly criminal just so our kids can write reports online, blog in the classroom, etc... Teachers, you know what I mean.

Yesterday we worked on posters for open house. I wanted to take pictures in the classroom with my digital camera and print them out from the computer so the kids could glue them on their posters. To do this I had to bring my Mac and my thumb drive to school. I take the pictures, load them to my Mac (because IT won't allow me to download pics from my camera) move the pics to my thumb drive and load them on the school computer. This I do not understand! Why am I allowed to download from the thumb drive but not my camera? How do they know my thumb drive isn't full of porn? Dumb!

I get seriously worried about our rights, not just as teachers but as people and citizens. Husband's employer is working on taking their rights to social networking away from them. Even if their myspace, facebook, twitter, etc... is personal and in no way work related they could get in big trouble or even fired for having it.

I did not mean to rant so much. Forgive me...

On to science!

We had an assembly yesterday and the kids loved this guy!


a corgi said...

the "mad scientist" looked like he was a hit! I can understand your frustrations; imagine in the good old days we didn't have computers in the classroom; somehow we did learn too (but I get your point, the technology is there so you should be able to have access to it) Also I was confused about your husband and the social networking with being taken away by employer. They can't have it or just can't do it at work? I can see if they can't do it at work since work should be work related issues and not on social networking things, but that's just my opinion; I know others will agree or disagree

hoping the day is going well and you are enjoying some swimming weather


Joan said...

Mad Scientist was fun!

The trend is to ban, if they can, employees from social networking altogether. It's nuts. He works at a university (not a teacher) and their thinking is they might talk with a student, bad-mouth the university, etc... Today's world of social networking means what you say and do is recorded. Still nuts!

Manda said...

Funny, I just finished a post about my frustrations with IT, but now I feel a little guilty because your restrictions are so much more ridiculous than mine!

My husband's employer allows social networking, but he's not allowed to say ANYTHING about his business because it could be construed as advertising, which is heavily regulated (with good reason) by the company.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I know what you mean - technology has come on big time in my kids' private school - everything is on the computer - grades, report cards, everyday behavior, tardies -homework. name it. The teachers are responsible for having everything there before Monday afternoon.. it's crazy.. Great for me but must be difficult for the teachers. Next year my eldest will go to public high school - I'm wondering if I will have withdrawals.
Love to you and your new year!

Joan said...

Thank Kelly! I love the technology and checking my own kids' grade, etc... But you're right, it is more work for teachers. That's ok, I want to keep moving forward.