Monday, August 3, 2009

Some of my favorite websites for teachers

I don't know about you but I am a bookmark junkie, especially when it comes to websites for teachers. I love looking for ideas and inspiration. So here is a very short list of some of my favorite sites.

* This place is crammed full of ideas and printable. I heart printables more than anything in the world...really! There are a lot freebies, but you might want to join to get access to entire books. Join or not, it's still a very useful site.

Education World
* I have probably used this site more than any other education site out there. I love their "Fact Monsters" and "Five Minute Fillers".

Laura Candler
* This site is actually called "Teaching Resources" but if you've been following Laura over the years and have watched her site evolve, you just just know it as "Laura's Awesome Site". Go to the "filing cabinet" for tons of printable and ideas.

Pro Teacher Community
* I love the forums at this site. This truly is a member driven community.

Well, that is the short list of some of my favorite sites.

School starts on the 20th and I plan to go in tomorrow. I will get some pictures of my room in its before stages. Stay tuned...


Frugal Fine Living said...

These look like some great teaching resources. We homeschool, so I bookmarked your list.


Joan said...

Some of those sites will definitely benefit a homeschooler. Thanks for visitng!

Christie said...

OMG, Laura's website is AWESOME! I have never come across that one before. I love how organized it is and it has a lot of helpful information. Thanks for introducing it to me. =)

Christie said...

Hi Joan,
I literally just stumbled upon another teaching website that I thought you might like.
(its more ideas instead of printables) but it seems to be pretty good too. =)

Joan said...

Laura's site is really cool. Thanks for the link to share2learn. I have just opened and it looks really good. I imagine I will spend some time there today!

Amy said...

Thanks for the links! I, too, have hundreds of links that I have to organize in folders to find anything again. I'll enjoy your blog! I have thought of doing this myself but barely find time for a personal blog. Hard to believe it's school time! I'm brainstorming ways to use an LCD projector everyday now that we all have one.

BTW, do you know which team your daughter will have this year?

Joan said...

Amy ~ I wish I knew Hannah's team. But no preferential treatment for teachers! I'll find out the 13th.

I'm so excited about the LCD too. I will probably use it for every subject. I was there all day today, feet are killing me, and they were getting everything wired up. Also, it looks like we have wifi too.