Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sixth graders are…

• Big enough to wipe their own noses, but not too big for hugs.

• Funny and they get your jokes too!

• Capable of understanding a lot of the world’s complexities but still innocent
enough to truly believe we can change all that is wrong with it.

• Big believers in justice and making things fair.

• Caring and when their teacher’s dad dies they promise they will be good for a week
and write her notes while she is gone on leave telling her how much they miss her
and never want a sub again.

• Serious when things get serious, like enduring five trips to the tornado shelter and
having to stay at school until 5:30 p.m. without too much complaining.

• My kind of people!


a corgi said...

I wasn't sure what grade you teach; 6th grade can be a very interesting year; lots of hormones possibly; some drama too (based on my son's 6th grade class)

sounds like you love them!


Joan said...

Oh yes, drama and hormones! Some days are more than I can stand! And I do love them. =)

Kelly's Ideas said...

Great post - my youngest starts 6th grade in a few weeks and your description fits her to a tee.

LightTeacher said...

I love teaching 6th grade as well! There are definitely the dramas that come with trying to figure out how to grow up, but I love them for that and so much more.

Hannah said...

I miss Grandpa...


Joan said...

Me too sweet too...