Friday, August 7, 2009

I hate workbooks

I have spent all day splitting workbooks. I am nearly done with reading, so tomorrow I will work on language arts.

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Kelly's Ideas said...

Back to the grind? I'm looking forward to my kids going back to school but not looking forward to the endless homework...

Joan said...

Ugh, homework! I rarely give home work,but some of my students don't finish their daily work, so they have to do it at home.

But my own kids usually have homework, some days more than others.

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

I'm loving your new blog! I have an award for you! Come see me.


Teresa <><

Amy said...

What is "splitting workbooks"? I must be out of that loop with junior high kids!

Joan said...

I wasn't clear was I Amy? Workbooks that come with our reading and language arts curriculum. We also call them consumables. I have given the students the books in the past, but they tear them up, they get looking so nasty, or they lose them.

My simple solution is to tear out all the pages, and I use about 90% of them, sort and organize the pages by lesson. Time consuming for a day, but pays off in the long run.