Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bandwagon

Today was my official return to work and the classroom. We spent the day in Professional Development. Our district is dipping its toes into the waters of PLC. Professional Learning Communities sounds like such a wonderful idea and I know we can do it. But will we? It seems so much is put on us teachers and PLC adds even more. The speaker today spoke of that issue and said his district practiced "addition by subtraction". They took something off the teachers' plates before they added something else. I hope our sensible leaders took note of "addition by subtraction".

I know some other teachers read this blog and I would love to hear your experience with PLC.

Tomorrow is "Meet the Teacher"...Oh boy!!!!


a corgi said...

wishing you a good school year and an enjoyable"meet the teacher day" as you start to get to know your students!


Joan said...

Thank you Betty...=)

Christie said...

I haven't heard of PLC, but I LOVE the idea "addition by subtraction"...I hope your administrators took note of it too! I think I might have to pass the idea on at my school. =) Good Luck with Meet the Teacher! I was going to tell you that we usually don't get our class list until late in the afternoon the day before meet the teacher...We thought that was bad, but I can't even imagine getting it the morning of!