Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another crop

I met them; their sweet faces, shy smiles, and nervous anticipation of meeting me. The parents appeared motivated and involved. The children impressed me. I have one precious boy with a disability and he uses a voice amplifier, well, I have to use it. But he brought it and showed me how to use it and we found a place to charge it. I look forward to watching all these children grow and change through out this year.

I'm ready...


a corgi said...

sounds exciting!!! always neat when kids/parents come to meet the teacher and you get a "feel" of your students!


Mike Rush said...

Joan, I just found our blog. It's great! I wrote about being ready on my blog too.

I really appreciate your post about professional learning communities. I'm a casualty of the idea. I really pushed for it, some the anti-change faculty pushed back, the principal said he wanted it, then he supported the opposition. I left the faculty after that year, I work in the credit recovery lab now. Oddly enough, the faculty is now struggling their way toward becoming a PLC. Word is they never could have done it without the big blow up I caused in my effort. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

Kelly's Ideas said...

Best wishes for an awesome year. Looking forward to reading your posts as the year goes by.