Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting ready

I should be up and running with this next week.


a corgi said...

cool! I just read your profile, I laughed when you said "corgi hostage" LOL! I can relate; I always say they own us, we don't own them


Joan said...

So very true! I think mine get to spend the entire day outside since they are muddy, wet, and so happy!

Frugal Fine Living said...


I'm having trouble leaving comments on your other blog. The bottom of the word thingy is cut off. You may want to turn that feature off in your comments setting.


Teresa said...

Hi Joan,

I am LOVING this new blog! This background/template is adorable! I found mine at the same place. Don't they made awesome designs??

As far as the comment made by 'Frugal Fine Living' above, I've had that problem as well but I found if you just hit tab a couple of times, it will take you to the CAPTCHA/Word Verification section and then you are where you need to be. However, you still might want to consider turning that feature off altogether. I was recently reading one of my absolute favorite design blogs, Southern Hospitality. This blogger is excellent and has close to 1000 loyal readers! On that particular day, she had written about her recommendation that bloggers not use that particular feature if they want to gain more 'Followers'. She said that most people don't like to fool with it and will bypass a blog that uses it if they aren't already a regular reader. She said that she does not use it and has been blogging for many, many years (10 maybe?). She said in all those years she has only had maybe 3 instances where she has had to delete an inappropriate or spam comment. Therefore, it was her opinion that you gain a lot more 'Followers' by not having this feature than you prevent bad eggs by having it. So, I took it off mine blog. Just something to think about!

I can't wait 'til you have this blog up and running! I bet it will be great!

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you again soon.

Teresa <><


Joan said...

Thanks Jane....going to go look at that right now.

Joan said...

Thanks for the advice Teresa. I took it off and decided to monitor comments for now. That probably won't last long either!

I'm going to work on this blog this weekend, so check back!